Dermatological Treatments

At our dermatological centre, we do not only specialize in treating skin, hair, and nail issues, but we also address cosmetic issues, helping to revitalize the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails. Call us now and book a consultation or treatment appointment, according to your needs. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

In bacterial skin infections, Dr. Andreas Fellas has vast knowledge and experience, as well as in the treatment of acne, and the treatment of facial scars as a consequence of acne. These treatments are achieved with the support of the wide range of lasers available in the practice.

Chronic skin conditions such as atopic eczema, autoimmune diseases such as lupus dermatosus, scleroderma, pemphigus and pemphigoid are fully treated and monitored.

Skin tumors, benign and malignant, such as melanoma, basal and squamous cell carcinoma, due to Dr. Fellas' dermato-surgical skills can be removed surgically, or with the specified laser in our practice.

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Extensive knowledge also exists in scalp diseases, such as hair loss and all related diseases, such as fungal infections of the scalp, and certainly all fungal infections of the skin.

Due to Dr. Andreas Fellas' long experience in dermatologic surgery, he can perform any procedures, from simple extractions to complex plastic surgery.

For the treatments of facial spider veins, lower limbs and hemangiomas, he uses the Yag-Laser from Candela with excellent results.

As for stretch marks of pregnancy or puberty, we have the DEKA micro-tissue laser, with proven excellent results.

Also available in our practice is DEKA's Q-S Laser for the removal of tattoos and sun spots.