Hair Removal

Say farewell to undesirable hair growth for good! Painlessly and effortlessly. Thanks to our innovative laser hair removal technology, you can add this to your wishlist. Book your next appointment now!

Painless Laser Body Hair Removal - Alexandrite Deka Μotus Μoveo

For permanent and painless hair removal we have the laser - also DEKA - Alexandrite, the model MOTUS AX, with which even tanned skins can do hair removal without any problem. Here we note that waxing in men with other machines hardly brings the desired results, but on the contrary, with the MOTUS AX, we have very fast and painless results.

Laser Hair Removal with Alexandrite brings a permanent solution to stubborn hair growth. It is the most effective, safest, and the most painless method of treating body hair growth. Conventional hair removal methods are soon being forgotten, since this is a painless and permanent solution.

Our skin goes through a lot every day, added by the frequent shaving, the use of a depilatory machine, wax and creams, which not only give moderate results, but also leave marks on the skin. Not only is this harmful for the skin, but these methods do not offer any definite solutions.

Subsequently, the Laser Body Hair Removal with Alexandrite Deka Motus Moveo, constitutes the most specialized and effective method of body hair removal.