Face & Body Treatments

Αs far as cosmetic dermatology is concerned, we deal with Botox injections, hyaluronic acid to fight wrinkles, and PRP to fight skin aging. We also do Botox stem cell treatment to combat hyperhidrosis, with great success.

Facial Cleansing with Opatra With Minerals & Suction Cup, Carbon Peel Laser (cleans pores without hand-face contact). Usually offered together as a package

Carbon Peel Laser is a revolutionary Laser treatment, completely painless and with zero recovery time. It is indicated for people with oily skin, pimples, dilated pores, blemished skin and acne on the face or body. It is also an excellent method of exfoliation and skin rejuvenation, with immediate results, leaving skin softer and firmer.

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A layer of liquid charcoal is applied to the skin, which penetrates the pores. The laser beam is highly magnetised by the carbon particles. When the laser passes through the area, it destroys the carbon removing with it the dead skin cells, as well as dirt and grease.

This treatment has many important benefits:

  • Cleansing: carbon has the ability to absorb oil and dirt, reaching deep into the pores. When the laser passes over the treatment area, it targets and destroys the carbon particles, along with the materials it has absorbed.
  • Exfoliation: The laser's targeting of the charcoal results in the elimination of dead skin cells and pimples, essentially exfoliating. The result is brighter and softer skin with tighter pores and greater uniformity in the skin.
  • Rejuvenation: Targets the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production for firm and radiant skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Combat Acne and Oily Skin: The heat generated during the carbon peel has two additional benefits:
It reduces P. Acne bacteria, which are responsible for acne, allowing for better acne treatment while shrinking the sebaceous glands, resulting in less oiliness, keeping skin pores clear.
Treatments can be done on any part of the skin, including the back and chest.


Significant results can be observed after just one treatment. For better long-term results, regular treatments are recommended. Carbon Peel should be a complementary treatment as part of proper skin care, as well as use of a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

3 treatments with 1 system

Lifting - Firming - Sculpting Face & Body

The new innovative ULTRAFORMER III offers face and neck tightening and body sculpting, all in a single system.

It is based on the new "MACRO & MICRO FOCUSED ULTRASOUND" (MMFU) or Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound technology. ULTRAFORMER III produces excellent results in the toning of the cheekbones, lifting of the double chin, reduction of nasolabial and periorbital wrinkles and forehead wrinkles, improvement of skin tone, as well as general tightening and regeneration of targeted areas of facial skin.

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Similarly excellent results are also achieved in all areas of the body with the aim of tightening and general improvement of the contour.

The MMFU technology with the new multifunctional heads of the ULTRAFORMER III system and with the help of special energy converters at 4 and 7 MHz creates Micro-impact at the level of the dermis (superficial and deeper skin) and at the level of the Superficial Musculo-Amphatic System (SMAS).

The device works with ultrasound, and depending on the depth we want the treatment to reach, we place the appropriate head. Subcutaneous tissue, dermis. It is a completely painless treatment for the most part, but it is likely that the patient will feel minimal pain. Treatment should be repeated every 3 months. And by combining this method with our new acquisition, the CO2 Fractional Laser Smartxide PUNTO - one of a kind - we achieve excellent results.

Wrinkle Reduction and Wrinkle treatment

Fractional Laser - ultrasonic tightening, which cauterizes fatty tissue, as well as in the space, depending on the head used.

With injectables such as Sculptra, Hyaluronic Acid, Botox

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Smartxide PUNTO

The revolution in laser technology. Reduction of wrinkles, side effects from sun exposure, and skin glow. Disappearance of stretch marks, acne scars. And all this without side effects, without erythema, thanks to the short duration of the laser pulse. Also, we do not have thermal damage to the surrounding tissues. We call it "cool peel" and it is a patent of the laser pioneer DEKA.

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LPG - Endermologie.
100% natural body sculpting absolutely painless and effective.

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The clinically proven and widely used technique of combining mechanical massage and suction using a head with 2 adjustable cylinders is practically applied in LPG. The mechanical stimulation of the LPG heads causes deep biological reactions: reactivation of the fat release process and production of collagen and elastin fibers.



A more sculpted silhouette and firmer, smoother skin in a completely natural way. Thanks to its technological upgrade and the application of personalized protocols, following is achieved:

  • Fat redistribution
  • Reduction of fat cells
  • Lymphatic and vascular decongestion
  • Reduction of points (liposuction treatments)
  • Cellulite smoothing
  • Body firming

The mechanical action effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite while restoring the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The body contour is redrawn and the skin looks healthier and smoother.

LPG treatment has approval from the FDA in the US.

Cryolipolysis ("cryo" - removal of local fat)
Put a definitive end to local fat!

What is cryolipolysis and what are the results

Cryolipolysis is one of the most modern methods of fat and local fat removal. This procedure gives a quick result of reducing points and fat locally, in a bloodless way, without scalpel and pain, even in the most stubborn areas of the body.

Cryolipolysis acts by causing immediate cooling of the local thickness and "crystallizing" the fat cells, which are degraded and removed from our body forever, by a natural process. This is done in a very short period of time and the result is permanent.

The process of cryolipolysis is painless by applying a head to the target area at a specific temperature and for a specific time. These special heads have special sensors that maintain a constant and controlled temperature, while protecting the skin from any damage.

Cryolipolysis is applied to any part of the body that has localized thickness such as: "buns", buttocks, arms, abdomen, waist, knees.

Immediately after the treatment the patient can return to his/her daily routine, as no recovery time is required.

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